YearCompass is a global movement that mobilises people to sort out their last year and plan their next one in order to have a greater awareness of their lives. New Year's resolutions don't work; planning your year does. The main tool of the movement is the free to download YearCompass booklet that is available in many languages.

Die Geschichte

On New Year's Eve with our friends, we made a booklet with a few questions to help our reflection and it went viral in 2013. Since then it's become an international movement with more than a hundred volunteers from 25 countries. Today the YearCompass booklet is available in 22 different languages. The self-printed version is free to download from the YearCompass website and had 700,000 downloads last year.


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YearCompass Fakten

Die Organisation

  • gemeinnützig
  • hat 100 Freiwillige in 21 Ländern
  • Heimatort: Budapest (Ungarn)
  • begann in 2012 als Projekt der Invisible University

das Jahresplanungsheft

  • hatte 700 000 direkte Downloads im letzten Jahr
  • ist in 19 Sprachen verfügbar
  • ist kostenlos herunterladbar
  • hat 20 Seiten zu bearbeitende Fragen

das Kernteam

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YearCompass Nutzer sprechen über ihre Erfahrungen [ungarisch mit englischem Untertitel]

gemeinnützig und ehrenamtliches Engagement

YearCompass is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteering resources, the backbone of which are the volunteers of Invisible University (a Hungarian non-profit organisation that promotes self development for higher education).

And also, our international volunteer community is growing steadily, making YearCompass able to reach more and more countries and people every year.

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What's YearCompass, in one sentence?

YearCompass is a free to download booklet that helps you go over your previous year and plan the next one.

How can this help me?

When you live your life, the Average Wednesdays can hide the bigger picture. Most of us live our days as a routine and rarely take a moment to look at it in its completeness. This is where YearCompass can help. The booklet can guide you to think about your year, discover your happiest moments and biggest lessons. It zooms out of the Average Wednesday so that you can see your whole story – and base your decisions on that.

Most of us dream but only a few of us plan. At least effectively. The second part of the YearCompass booklet is all about planning. Helping you turn your dreams into goals and setting you on a course to achieve them. The New Year's resolution does not work. Planning your year does. :)

Why do you do this?

We believe in self-awareness. Self-recognition is one of the key things to become a better human – and we need a lot of awesome humans on this planet. The path is not easy and we enjoy helping anyone who needs help, this is why we created the booklet and the YearCompass movement.

How did you happen upon this idea?

It was 2012 and we wanted to have a worthwhile New Year's Eve with our friends, so we put together a few questions that would help us focus. The event was an absolute success and our idea resonated really well with others. We thought that this could be something useful and decided to make a booklet. The next year, we made it public on the internet. We thought maybe we would have a couple hundred downloads and make a few people happy. Next thing we knew – it went viral.

Do you see results from your efforts?

We have a steadily growing community, the downloads grew 13-fold since 2013. We get letters from all over the world from all kinds of people, telling us that the booklet helped them get a clearer picture of their lives or achieve some long-awaited goal. There are some truly amazing stories among them.

We have four favorite stories among the hundreds that we've received from our community. The first is from a school in the United Kingdom where every student gets a YearCompass booklet and they fill them out together as a school-wide exercise. We didn't even know that they existed until one of the teachers sent us an email asking us how could they donate funds to us. It's just nuts to think that there is a whole school full of children using the YearCompass as an assignment. It's absolutely awesome.

The second is from the Women's Club of Ulanbator. Two years ago we found out by accident that there is a women's club in Asia where the members learn English together. They use the English version of our booklet as a fun exercise. They posted a picture of the first event – we still have it. It's one of our best reminders of why we do this whole thing.

The third story is from a random stranger on Reddit, who – with his own words – " [...] completed this workbook every December for the past three years. In that time, I've completed a marathon, traveled to several new countries, applied for and received grant money, scored my dream job, and more. Take time to reflect on this year and plan for the next one."

The last and most intense story is from John, who is a substance abuse counselor in the U.S. He is using the booklet in group therapy sessions with recovering addicts. He has found that it helps the clients reframe their lives and set goals that can lead them to sobriety. I remember when we first read his letter – it was a truly uplifting experience.

What are your goals for the future?

We would really like this to be a global community. A network of people who help each other on the journey of being better, kinder and more self-aware. The closing of your previous year and the planning of the next one is a relatively short business – you do this around the holidays then you return to the Average Wednesdays. We would like to build a community that is long-term, that can support you through the whole year. A bunch of folks who can tap you on the shoulder when you fall off your path.

We want to publish this booklet every year and reach most everyone in the world. So you know, world domination – just the usual. :)

Do you want to monetize this?

This is not a business for us. We don't want to make the core experience into a product – that would defeat the purpose of the whole endeavor. We want the YearCompass movement to spread rapidly, to reach a massive audience, making them more self-aware, so in turn they can make the world a better place to live on.

Although the booklet is free to download we definitely need some kind of funding to keep running the servers, pay our staff, etc. Currently, we are testing a more Elegant Edition of the booklet that you can buy it for yourself or give as a Christmas gift. Compared to the self-printed pdf version, this is a fancier product with a few surprises. But the questions are the same as in the core booklet that you can download for free. And this will remain the same in the future – you will always be able to download the core booklet for free.

Zitierbare Aussagen

When a new year approaches we cannot help but evaluate. Maybe we only notice how quickly the time passed, how many opportunities were missed (again), how many goals were accomplished (at last), and how many things happened that we wouldn't even have dreamed of. Looking back on your year is a ritual that helps you fulfill this need for evaluation. From time to time, stopping for a moment, taking a step back and looking at where we are headed helps. Slowing down, meeting and spending time with ourselves is not something that can be done in a rush. Mood, determination, curiosity are all needed for looking back on your year.

Jedes Jahr finden wir Zeit für das Heft zusammen mit meiner Frau. Wir bereiten uns vor, sodass es ein richtiges Ritual wurde. Der interessanteste Teil ist der Vergleich mit den Vorjahreszielen und den Dingen die seitdem passiert sind. Dies hilft uns unsere Werte und Ziele mit unserem Leben zu vereinbaren. Oftmals reicht das bloße darüber Nachdenken oder Niederschreiben, um Dinge wahr zu machen. Meine Hoffnung ist, dass Reflektion über Vergangenes und Planung der Zukunft für uns alle Glück, Erfahrung und Unterstützung bringt.

Zoltán Cserháti MD., Nationales Institut für Gesundheitsentwicklung in Ungarn

Often we feel that we are not the ones in charge of our own destiny and judge our lives rather biased. The YearCompass booklet helps noticing the different shades without crafting a false image. It leads you to find the things to be proud of (there are always things) and the things without you would be better off next year. All this brings more self-awareness. Reading the last page will definitely make you feel more competent and efficient. Das hier ist mehr als ein Heft. Es ist ein Symbol für eine Bewegung und die Werte dahinter. Es verbessert Selbstbewusstsein und psychologische Fähigkeiten.

Réka Vidomusz - Psychologin

Man weiß, dass ein Abschluss notwendig ist, um weiter zu machen. Ohne einen Abschluss hortet man alle vergangenen Ereignisse und damit verbundenen Emotionen.

Die Planung deines kommenden Jahres hilft dir frühzeitig über die wichtigen Fragen Gedanken zu machen, die viel Überlegung benötigen. Die frühe Planung dieser Ziele erspart dir über das Jahr viel Kraft. Über das Jahr bleibt "nur" noch die Reflektion über den Fortschritt.

The obvious problem with the Big Questions of life is that they are not easy to answer. "What will happen with me in 5 years?" is a question that is nearly impossible to answer. Breaking it down to smaller parts helps in finding answers. Filling out YearCompass will help you start doing things instead of postponing them forever.

Júlia Gégöl - Psychologe


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