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    The booklet that helps close your year and plan the next.
What Is YearCompass?

YearCompass is a booklet that helps close your year and plan the next one. In the routine of everyday life it's easy to lose sight of your true goals and aspirations. And even though we all have dreams, only a few of us plan for them. Effectively, at least. YearCompass works simply. Using questions and exercises rooted in psychology it takes you through the past year, then helps you turn your dreams into achievable goals.

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How Does It Work?

1. Find a few quiet hours for yourself.

2. Prepare a hot drink.

3. Answer the 20 pages worth of questions that will close your year and plan the next one.

4. Praise yourself – you took a huge step towards the life you want.

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A few questions to help you
close 2019 and plan 2020.
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Make tea and cookies,
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Apa itu YearCompass?

YearCompass adalah gerakan global yang membantu orang untuk merapihkan tahun lalu mereka dan membantu merencanakan tahun depan mereka.

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Anda bisa mengisinya sendiri, atau Anda bisa mengajak teman-teman Anda dan mengisi buku kecilnya bersama-sama.

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